Senior Safety 7 Things to Do Before Your Summer Travels
    With warmer weather, sunnier days and everything slowly coming into bloom, many of us have summer travels on our mind. This season is the perfect time for an extended getaway, but before you hit the road (or skies or seas) there are a few senior safety concerns you’ll need to address.

    Having time to travel is one of the best parts about retirement, but your jet-setting adventures will be far less stressful if you take the time to consider these seven senior safety tips before you head out of town.

    1. Install an Alarm System

    An alarm system adds an extra layer of defense while you’re out of town. Making sure your home is secure will give you peace of mind and allow you to fully enjoy your vacation.

    1. Prepare Your Home

    Beyond protecting your home, you should plan to complete other tasks to prepare your home for your absence. Clean perishables out of the fridge, make sure your pest control services are scheduled to continue even while you’re away and consider hiring someone to check in on things every few days.

    1. Schedule an Appointment With Your Doctor

    Even if you’re feeling great, making an appointment with your doctor to go over your travel plans is a smart idea. Use the appointment to make sure you’re up-to-date on any necessary vaccines and discuss any health concerns.

    1. Plan Ahead With Medications

    Travel delays happen, so plan to bring a few additional days’ worth of medication, just in case. It’s also smart to carry a list of your prescriptions on you at all times so you can easily share it with a medical professional if the need arises.

    1. Make Sure Your Care Plan Travels With You

    If you become ill or injured during your travels, you want to make sure your care plan will still cover all of your needs. Check with your provider so you’ll have all of your bases covered.

    1. Plan to Take Breaks

    It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of travel, but it’s also important to go at your own pace. This is especially important to remember on long car rides when you’ll need to stretch your legs and maintain your focus.

    1. Pack Smart

    Depending on where you’re headed on your travels, having the right attire can be a crucial element of senior safety. For instance, if you’re headed somewhere especially hot and humid, pack light and breathable clothing. Or, if you’re planning on doing a significant amount of walking, make sure you have the proper shoes to keep you stable and comfortable.

    Also, if you are traveling by plane, be sure to pack all of your important medications in your carry-on bag—not in your checked luggage. This will ensure it is not lost during your flight.

    Don’t let what should be an exciting and relaxing time turn into a stressful experience. With these seven senior safety tips, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying a worry-free vacation.

    Traveling is just one aspect of a dream retirement. Looking for more information on how to best enjoy your retired years? Grab a copy of our free guide, Aging in Place: A Popular Trend for a New Generation of Seniors.


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