How do you identify the best retirement living option for your family member or friend?

    By talking, touring and planning together.

    Here are some tips for talking about retirement planning and exploring how an independent living Life Care community such as those locally owned and operated by Sun Health Senior Living can fit into that plan.


    Talking With Your Family

    You may feel your family members need extra help or see that they could be happier and more engaged if they spent less time on home maintenance and more time with friends and peers. Consider these tips for a productive conversation about the importance of retirement planning:

    Don’t Wait: Too many families wait until an emergency happens to discuss retirement living options. By starting the conversation now you can prepare for the unexpected, prevent snap decisions and know your loved one’s wishes.

    Ask Questions: Inquire about any plans already made or research what has already been done on senior housing options. Ask how you can help them make their plan a reality.

    Educate: If you’ve already explored the benefits of retirement living, be sure to share this information with your family members. That way everyone has an opportunity to educate themselves and address any concerns they may have about the process.

    Put Their Feelings First: Change isn’t easy. Put yourself in your family member’s shoes and in time they will see the benefits of planning now to secure a bright future.

    Visit and Visit Often: Visit as many retirement living communities as you can and take notes about what you like, or don’t like. Discuss your feelings openly with your loved ones.


    Getting Started – Questions to Ask When Visiting Retirement Living Communities

    1. What are the independent living options?
    2. What services and amenities are available?
    3. Are there nearby attractions and recreation?
    4. Does the community welcome pets?
    5. Is there convenient, accessible transportation?
    6. What are the contract options and what is covered?
    1. How are the monthly payments structured?
    2. Do costs increase over time or is it fixed for the duration?
    3. Does the community offer a full continuum of care, in case health needs change?
    4. Does the community offer a Life Care guarantee?
    5. Is the ownership local or out of state?
    6. Is the community non-profit?