Mental Age TestTaking a mental age test can be fun, but its true importance is cloaked behind the entertainment value: for anyone age fifty and above, a youthful mental age can signify an active adult who’s involved in life.

This is a good thing, not only for bragging rights on Facebook. It can be a symbol you’re on the right track for brain health, a key element of aging successfully.

Three quick, online mental age tests to try: Memorado, My Mental Age and A Real Me.

Why does this matter?

Successful aging relies on an active lifestyle – surrounding yourself with interesting people and situations. Most mental age tests tend ask true or false questions such as “I care about my clothes and hairstyle,” “I prefer staying at home rather than going on a trip,” and whether you prefer time with friends and family or gifts to celebrate a birthday.

By pursuing how you think and your preferences, the resulting score can be very revealing of your actions and lifestyle choices.

The link between learning and brain health

It’s not just social activity that’s important to brain health─it’s the lifestyle of constant learning that it tends to generate. Older adults who are active and get out of their home are exposed to a wider variety of activities, learning new skills more often than those who choose a sedentary, isolated lifestyle.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” –  Henry Ford

Certain parts of the brain shrink as we get older. Learning and other complex mental activities tend to become more difficult, especially if not practiced on a consistent basis. Blood circulation in the brain slows, the brain’s natural resilience is reduced, and inflammation from injury, disease and the foods we consume all collectively have an impact.

Want more? These additional resources are interesting:

The best way to fight the impact of aging on your brain? Challenge yourself to try something new as often as possible. Who knows, you just might discover a new passion and revitalized interest in what’s around you.

If you’re interested in a retirement lifestyle that promotes brain health, along with active living and social engagement, our Life Care communities might be an ideal fit. Why not attend a free workshop to learn more?  

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