AZ Senior Living: Men

    At Sun Health Senior Living, we are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles. It’s reflected in our Community Education series and in the numerous health and wellness classes we offer to our senior living residents and community members.

    We’ve covered everything from arthritis care, to controlling high blood pressure to managing osteoporosis. This month, we’re setting our sights on a topic integral to men’s health: how to maintain a healthy prostate.

    Here are three key ways to help you maintain a healthy prostate, no matter what your age.

    1. Natural vitamins and nutrients: One of the best ways you can keep your prostate healthy is through daily diet choices. Instead of relying on unnatural supplements, go back to the basics by filling your plate with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Not only have certain nutrients found in fruit been linked to preventing diseases such as prostate cancer, but eating a well-balanced diet laden with fruits and vegetables will help improve your overall health as well.
    2. Exercise: You don’t need to become a top-tier triathlete. But research shows that  men who incorporate exercise into their lives at least five days a week have a much lower incidence of prostate-related health complications. New to regular exercise? Start off slowly by taking daily walks or swimming a few laps in the pool.
    3. Stay aware: Unfortunately, there is no single, certain way to entirely prevent prostate-related problems. One way you can guard against more serious health complications is by seeing your doctor regularly. As men grow older, it becomes increasingly important to have an open dialogue with the doctor to discuss potential risks, lifestyle changes and treatments.

    By leading a healthy lifestyle complete with a balanced diet and routine exercise, you can maintain a healthy prostate. To learn more about our Community Education series or to take a look at one of our beautiful Arizona retirement communities today, visit our website.

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