Guest Room Styling Ideas To Make Visitors Feel Welcome
Whether you’re living in a house or a senior living community, you want your guests to feel welcome and relaxed. They may not expect a five-star hotel experience, but the right amenities — and a personal touch — can go a long way to help them feel at home. Here are a few guest room-styling ideas that will set your friends and family at ease and keep them coming back.

Neutral Tones

Some people like bright colors in a bedroom, some enjoy darks — and some can’t stand either. To appeal to a wide variety of guests, select mostly neutral tones for your guest room’s walls, furniture and bedding. Tan, gray and other neutrals are relaxing, and they pair well with most of the other items you’ll place in the room.

Convenient Storage

Whether they’re staying for a day or a week, your guests will likely have luggage. To make sure they’re not living out of their suitcases or contending with clutter, provide ample storage. If you’re short on closet space and drawers, use wicker bins and shelves instead. It also helps to provide bins for laundry and bedding, so guests don’t have to combine clean and dirty items.

Bedside Amenities

The items you keep at your bedside should also be near guest beds. Lighting, clocks, mirrors and more — add anything that makes the space as useful as if your guests were sleeping in their own homes. It also helps to provide at least a couple of open electrical outlets, as well as a phone charger with adapters for different devices.

Window Dressings

Spruced-up windows can make unfamiliar territory feel like home. Use decorative, neutral-colored blinds and shades to keep the room dark at night and well lit during the day. If your guests stay up late and sleep well into the morning, consider blackout drapes that will help them sleep after the sun comes up.

Fresh Flowers

Flowers add a personal touch, especially if you pick them from your own garden or a nearby nursery. If you don’t have great flowers at the ready, though, even a cheap grocery store bouquet will do. If a guest is staying for a long stretch, be sure to water or replace the plants after a few days. Keeping them fresh will go a long way to make your friends feel welcome.

Easy Refreshments

Nobody wants to feel like a bother, and even upscale hotels offer guests the chance to serve themselves. Stock a few beverages and healthy snacks in the room, and consider adding a coffee maker or electric kettle. Guests will appreciate the ability to feed themselves between the meals you eat together.

Stocked Supplies

Likewise, you don’t want your guests to have to ask every time they need a tissue or towel. Keep extra linens in the bedroom or in a nearby closet, and make sure visitors know where to find tissues, toilet paper, toothpaste and other consumables. If your guest room has its own bathroom, stock everything in there.

Simplicity is Key

There’s a fine line between the empty feeling of a hotel room and the “occupied” feeling of an overdone guest room. Flowers, fresh linens and refreshments are great, but don’t feel the need to add more than necessary. As much as your guests will love your personal touch and thoughtful considerations, you don’t want them to feel like they’re imposing on your space.

Offering your guests a safe, healthy environment will keep them happy and refreshed while they visit. For more health tips, check out our Vitality Guide.

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