How Baby Boomers are Changing the Retirement Lifestyle
    From Woodstock to Wall Street, Baby Boomers have made their mark on the world in many ways—a generation that has ushered in change after change. And now that the largest generation is retiring (roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 each day), it’s time for this group to lead its trademark revolution into a new frontier. 

    Boomers are making great waves in the way our country views retirement. From the way they save and plan, to the activities they enjoy during their retired years, everything is changing. This generation is reinventing retirement in so many ways.

    More Health-Conscious

    Over the past few decades, researchers and health care experts have uncovered plenty of new information about food, fitness and preventive care. While previous generations were not quite as educated on the link between food, exercise and certain chronic diseases, new retirees are more proactive and better equipped to make the right choices that can potentially reduce the risk of disease and increase life expectancy.

    Continuing Education

    College isn’t just for young adults anymore. More and more older adults are taking advantage of continuing education courses at local universities and online.

    Continued Careers

    Retirement means something different to those who love their jobs. After spending decades working your way up the ladder, quitting can almost feel unnatural. Instead, many older adults are choosing to volunteer to share their expertise, to continue their careers as part-time consultants or to start so-called “second careers” and passion projects.


    Those who spent several years working long hours and sacrificing vacation time are certainly making up for lost time now. Today’s older adults seem to be traveling more than ever, including exotic locations and adventure-themed trips such as hiking, mountain-climbing and more.

    Planning for Any Scenario

    Many Boomers were (and some still are) part of the “sandwich generation”—simultaneously caring for children and aging parents. This, along with lessons learned from the recession, have taught members of this generation that being financially prepared is critical to enjoying retirement. They’re taking all necessary precautions to ensure they can do as they wish, and never have to infringe on their adult children’s lives.

    In other words, Baby Boomers are not only changing the way people retire—they’re embracing it with open arms. For this active group, the golden years are the next great adventure.

    Want to make the most of your retirement? Learn more about the next generation of retirees in our free guide, Aging in Place: A Popular Trend for a New Generation of Seniors.


    (Originally published April 27, 2016; last updated Jan. 12, 2019.)

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