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    There’s a reason some Arizona retirement communities have a strong calendar of social events, placing a priority on helping residents get out of their living spaces and among others.

    Over the last decade, numerous studies have shown socializing has a powerful impact on brain fitness, helping older adults reduce cognitive decline, perhaps even preventing dementia. There is a proven impact on physical health and avoiding long-term illnesses, too, in addition to the mental health benefits.

    Applied to a growing population of retirees, this new knowledge is driving impressive changes. Progressive retirement communities take full advantage of the research, incorporating evidence-based findings into the lifestyles they provide to their residents.

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    In addition to the meaningful connections offered within its communities, Sun Health offers a wide assortment of free and low-cost events to help older adults in the community socialize.

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    Some communities even have full-time activity coordinators who focus on building a vibrant, engaged environment for their residents, such as Sun Health’s Arizona retirement communities, La Loma Village, The Colonnade and Grandview Terrace. These Masterpiece Living® communities focus on a model of physical, social, intellectual and spiritual health, often resulting in heavier social calendars than other types of communities who place less emphasis on its importance.

    According to Masterpiece Living’s founder, Dr. Roger Landry, in his groundbreaking book, Live Long, Die Short, “Many say they have no wish to live to be a hundred, if it meant only decline. Wouldn’t we choose quality over quantity? Wouldn’t we choose to avoid what could be a decade or more of decline associated with loss: loss of function, social connection, independence, dignity and control over our own lives?”

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    Socialization imageThe MacArthur Study proved genes or luck did not determine how we age, debunking an assortment of common myths. Seventy percent of the physical difference and 50 percent of the intellectual difference between those who aged in the usual way and those who aged more successfully was due to lifestyle choices made every day.

    “We control the slide.”

    This is part two in a Masterpiece Living® series. Learn more about the spiritual component here in part one of the series.

    Socializing more often is something easy for most people, a daily choice that’s simple to influence even for older adults not living in a Masterpiece Living community. Anyone can make small efforts to engage with others throughout the day, making it a priority in their life.

    For those evaluating a retirement community for themselves or a parent, taking a close look at the social activities and lifestyle before making a decision is extremely important.

    Download our “Defining The New Older Adult” eBook to learn more about defining your retirement. If considering a move to an Arizona retirement community, please contact Jackie Lusson, our corporate director of sales, at 623-236-3767 to learn more about Masterpiece Living and how Sun Health communities differ, or to schedule a tour.

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