Resident Perspectives

    Sometimes you just need to hear from someone who’s been there, to get the “inside scoop” on what it’s really like to live in an independent living Life Care community.

    Here are four different perspectives from Grandview Terrace residents.

    Life Care is a Great Thing – Bill Price

    “Life Care is really a great thing. It’s a lifetime guarantee of health care no matter what your need is,” says Bill Price, who along with his wife Mildred, love living at Grandview Terrace. Bill shares what he loves most about living at the community and why he and Mildred decided to move from Prescott, Arizona to “enhance their golden years”.

    This is a Really Happy Place – Birt and Louisa Kellam

    “This is a really happy place,” Birt Kellam says about Grandview Terrace. Birt and Louisa share why they “look like Cheshire Cats” in their home, which they were able to remodel their suit their tastes. And, find out how their move was a big gift to their kids.

    They Took Care of Everything – Audre Mills

    “I’m so glad I moved in here. They took care of everything,” says Audre Mills. Eight years ago she and her husband moved into Grandview Terrace. Just a few months later her husband died unexpectedly. However, Audre knew she was in the right place and still feels that way today. Discover why Audre calls Grandview Terrace a “marvelous place to be.”


    Everything Under One Roof – Kai and Dianne Repsholdt

    “I love the fact that Grandview Terrace allows pets,” says Dianne Repsholdt, who along with her husband Kai live at the community. Kai loves having everything under one roof and the freedom to do the things he wants to do rather than has to do, like home maintenance. It “extends your ability to enjoy life longer,” says Kai.