Are Life Care communities the right place for me?

Is a Life Care community right for me?
Dwain & Shirley Ehrlich

It’s a common question… what can I expect from life plan communities and how are Life Care communities different?

After six decades together and a good life, Dwain and Shirley Ehrlich were looking for their next adventure… a fresh start to help them thrive.

Dwain researched and toured senior living communities around the Valley, but the final decision came last year when he read the book “Being Mortal.” The author Atul Gawande, an experienced surgeon, explores the realities of aging and dying with the ultimate goal of living a healthy and good life all of your days.

Group living for seniors can be a positive transition, Gawande says, because it provides quality of life to residents and helps them stay happier and healthier.

“That book helped me put things very clearly in perspective about what I felt we should do,” Dwain says. “My wife and I started talking and realized we needed to get serious.” They put down a deposit at The Colonnade in Surprise within a day of touring the Life Care community in Sun City Grand.

What made them decide? The lifestyle.

Since moving in, the couple regularly participates in exercise classes, Meetup’s and outings, along with intellectual, spiritual, musical and social programs both on and off the campus. (Read the Ehrlich’s full story in LiveWell magazine.)

“We’re having a great time.”

What to expect at a life plan community

Formerly known as CCRCs (Continuing Care Retirement Communities), life plan communities are among the best places to retire in Arizona due to their focus on vibrant, healthy living and lifestyle. Assisted living, skilled care and memory care are available on the campus of a Life Plan community (or one nearby) if a transition becomes necessary–but even more importantly, the community lifestyle revolves around keeping residents out of the care facilities, rather than in them.

It’s not just an independent living community… Lovely amenities such as indoor walking tracks, vibrant book clubs and travel outings, yoga and wellbeing classes, social and intellectual activities, and other pursuits at many Life Plan communities are particularly appealing to more youthful older adults who pride themselves on remaining active. The entire community revolves around health and wellness, and living the best retirement possible.

Is it for you? Touring a life plan community can help you decide.

How are Life Care communities different?

Learning what a life plan community offers isn’t the only thing to consider. Some life plan communities offer Life Care, a regulated insurance product that can provide important reassurance to the resident. If the insured should have their financial circumstances change, such as an economic downturn that consumes their life savings, benefits don’t stop; they are guaranteed care for the duration of their lifetime with no change in service.

It’s the perfect marriage of lifestyle and peace-of-mind.  

Every Life Care community is a life plan community or CCRC that offers the Life Care guarantee as an insurance product, but not every life plan community offers Life Care.  

Life Care can be an ideal solution for older adults who worry about becoming a burden on family or who will care for them later in life, those concerned about future health care costs absorbing their retirement savings or couples like the Ehrlich’s, searching for something more: a way to balance health care and lifestyle.

It just might be what you’re looking for, too.  

Learn more about life plan communities and Life Care, attend a Sun Health Senior Living workshop near you. To speak to someone immediately, please contact Jackie Lusson, our corporate director of sales, at 623-236-3767.

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