online resources for seniors to bookmark
The internet is full of helpful information for seniors, but with new websites popping up every day, it can be difficult to find what you’re actually looking for. Without even knowing it, you could be missing out on discovering your next favorite site, tool or resource.

That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to gather a few of our favorite online resources specifically geared toward older adults to help you get started. And don’t forget to bookmark these—you’re definitely going to want to visit them again.


OK, so you’re likely already familiar with AARP, but when’s the last time you checked out their website? There’s tons of helpful resources and information—everything from news articles to recipes and to brain games.

2. Savvy Senior

You may be familiar with Jim Miller’s nationally syndicated column dedicated to topics specifically designed for older adults and their families, but did you know the Savvy Senior also has a website? Here you can find links to the latest columns, additional information and a long list of additional resources.

3. SeniorNet

Describing its mission as “providing older adults education for and access to computer technologies,” a membership to SeniorNet offers exercises and online courses to help seniors hone their technology skills.


Sun Health’s Medication Management program is a free online resource that helps you create an up-to-date medication list, and print out time schedules, medication instructions and wallet-sized cards. Once you enter your information and save with a simple username and password, updating it with medication changes is a snap. Plus, there is a free smartphone app so that you or your loved ones can access your medication lists for your physician appointments or in case of an emergency.


No more wondering if a certain store or restaurant offers a senior discount—this is the largest online directory and contains over 250,000 listings.

6. National Institute on Aging

Here, you’ll find the most current information on health and aging research. Get the stats and facts you need to live your healthiest life.

7. Eldercare Locator

This site from the U.S. Administration on Aging provides a database of resources available to older adults and their families, searchable by topic and location.

8. Aging with Dignity’s Five Wishes

Five Wishes is a living will that addresses not only your medical wishes, but also your personal, emotional and spiritual needs. It allows you to define exactly how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill, so your loved ones won’t have to make difficult decisions without knowing your wishes. It is written with the assistance of The American Bar Association’s Commission on Law and Aging.

The great thing about the above sites is that most of them include access to even more online resources to help inform and prepare you to ensure a fulfilling and stress-free retirement. By keeping them bookmarked on your internet browser, you’ll be able to return to them again and again for reference so you’ll never have to navigate a confusing Google search results list again.

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