6 Things Every Older Adult Should Commit to in 2016
Can you believe we’re already more than five months into the New Year? Now that you’re retired, your resolutions and annual goals may be different from what they used to be. Instead of focusing on your career, your new objectives may range from learning new skills to creating a plan for the future . What will it be for you this year? To help you make the most of the remaining year, here are some special goals for retirees.

  1. Get Out and Play

Playing isn’t just for your grandkids—it’s an important part of staying healthy at any age. After all, we need to have a little fun sometimes! If you’re not sure what you would like to do, be it learn new card games or a new hobby, look around for community organizations that offer various activities.

How about tennis or pickle ball lessons? Does a nearby dance studio offer reduced rates for retirees? Does your community hold an annual community event open house? Now is the best time to get out and see what is available to you.

  1. Get on a Fitness Regimen

Physical fitness and overall health play an important role in healthy aging. If you’re not already physically active, there are many activities you can choose from, both individual and group, to get started. Speak with your doctor first though, to make sure you are healthy enough for the activities that interest you, and chat with a certified health coach  to create a plan. And start slowly. If you haven’t been active in a while, you’ll need to build up your strength.

Even if you are already in shape, maintaining your health is important—you don’t want to let all that hard work go to waste. You may need to change your activities, depending on your new lifestyle, but there are many types of physical activities to choose from.

  1. Learn Something New

Thanks to special grants and scholarships, it’s becoming more and more common for older adults to go back to school. Unlike classes you may have taken previously for your career, now you can study something simply because you find it interesting.

You may want to take classes to improve on a new hobby, become fluent in a new language or to pursue a long-held dream of earning a degree. There are also several online courses to help you pick up new skills. Pushing yourself to learn more is a great way to keep your brain exercised. It’s also a great way to meet new people and become part of a new social circle.

  1. Share Your Knowledge

So many of us have skills that others would love to learn. Whether you choose to tutor a school-aged child or teach a community class, you can offer so much to others. Contact your local community organizations and schools to discover opportunities.

If you were a professional before retiring, you may be interested in working as a career adviser for young professionals looking to break into your former field.

  1. Go on an Adventure

Traveling is a big “must do” for many retirees. Do you have dreams of taking cruises or visiting the Seven Wonders of the World? Or perhaps you’d like to see parts of the United States that you haven’t had a chance to explore in the past? If you like to travel in groups, some companies cater to retirees. If you prefer to travel alone, don’t forget to take advantage of senior discounts.

  1. Plan for the Future

Traveling and relaxing are the top two most common plans for retirement, but more serious life decisions are also important during this stage of your life. To ensure you enjoy your retirement to the fullest, these plans must be in writing. Being proactive is key, because you may reach a point when you can’t speak for yourself and someone else will have to advocate for you.

In addition to power-of-attorney documents and a living will, you also need to determine how you will pay for future health care needs. Even if you’re in prime health today, one negative health event can change your needs dramatically. And if you prefer to age in place , you’ll need to ensure you’re prepared.

It’s never too late to make a new resolution even though 2016 is already well under way. By following the six suggestions above, you can make this your best year yet!

Get started planning today! Sign up for a free, no-obligation discovery session to learn more about how you can age in place.


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