The impact of attitude on remaining independent

People say attitude is everything, but why? How does attitude impact life, especially your ability to live independently once you’re over 65? The answer is beautiful in its simplicity: attitudes drive behavior.

The way we think and our deepest beliefs create decisions that bring those thoughts to life.  

We can’t have a negative attitude and make positive things happen—we need the right mindset to guide our actions. If we want to lose weight, make new friends or socialize more during the holidays, for example, believing it can happen and wanting it enough to change behavior is the very fuel that creates the changes.

So if the majority of us want to age in place, living in our own home rather than moving to a retirement community, can our attitudes make that desire happen?

Or on the flip side, can the very decision to not think about it cause it NOT to happen through neglect?  

It’s certainly worth thinking about.

Independent living requires a health and wellness focus

The power of our thoughts can’t overcome certain medical conditions and diseases, of course, but it can certainly have incredible impact on our overall levels of health and wellness, even preventing some common issues that lead to decline.

It’s the foundation of independent living in so many ways.

1. GOOD HEALTH: attitudes about basic physical health.

We need a strong body that allows mobility and the ability to do basic daily tasks for ourselves. Are we sitting too much, or making positive fitness and dietary choices to support good health? Are we making an effort to remain in the best health possible, since it helps prevent frailty, balance issues and falls? Are we keeping up with basic health screenings and medical care?

Learn more about being proactive with your own health care.

2. REMAINING SOCIAL & ENGAGED: Attitudes about wellness.

Wellness is an attitude, a way of being aware of choices that lead to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Even more than just “good health,” it’s an active, ongoing process of change and growth that impacts physical health, mental health and wellbeing. Are we making an effort to be with family, friends and our community? Are we making purposeful choices that help us get out of the house? Are we doing everything possible to keep our brains sharp, since it’s proven to prevent or delay the onset of dementia?

3. FINDING A HIGHER PURPOSE: Can-do attitudes of passion and purpose.

Finding purpose keeps life interesting, keeping us moving forward with enthusiasm and passion. It’s so important to remain engaged with life and avoid isolation. Are we watching our own behavior, and recognizing if depression and isolation are becoming an issue?

If these are critical to remaining independent and taking care of ourselves, fostering a “can do” attitude of proactive health and wellness in these areas can certainly make a major impact—shaping the future of each one of us.

Independent living won’t happen by accident for most of us, it will require a proactive, preventative attitude.

Is your attitude hurting or helping that future?

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